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30 years
» Vision & Mission

At every level of Mahaveer Electric Agencies Madras, we are committed to the satisfaction and continuous success of all those we serve:

Vision :
A greener world driven by eco-friendly electrical solutions powered by our operational excellence in reaching greener technology to the people for universal betterment.

Mission :
To bridge the manufacturer and user divide in the green, efficient and energy saving electrical products sector.

Our Customers :
At Mahaveer Electric Agencies Madras, our priority is to solve our clients' business requirements they need, where they need it, and when they need it. At the same time, we make sure that the products will be delivered in superior quality to add up the value to our customers.

Our Employees :
To continually offer opportunities for our employees' career development, Mahaveer Electric Agencies Madras has created an amazing atmosphere for a working environment aimed to attract, empower, reward, and retain the most dedicated, talented, and passionate individuals.

Our Business Partners :
We strive to have long-term relationships with our suppliers, and as a result be prioritized as one of their most preferred customers.

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