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Surya incandescent lamps commonly called as Light Bulbs are in use for over two decades and still continue to be the most widely used lamps in the world. They come in various shapes and wattages ranging from 10W to 200W. Depending upon the application area, they are available in Clear, Frost Finished and Colour versions with Single coil or Coiled coil (as the case may be) tungsten filament as per international standards and fitted with two integral micro-fuses for greater safety.
The coiled - coil filament increases luminous efficiency by over 10% and heat loss by convection or conduction is thus reduced. The Glass envelops for lamps are being manufactured on latest Ribbon Glass Plant from DEMA Engineering - UK (formerly known as GB Glass - UK) resulting to glare-free light output. They emit a continuous spectrum of approximately 2800K and a colour-rendering index approaching to 90.

Surya Incandescent lamps are made on world's most sophisticated, 100% Synchronized Incandescent lamp lines from FALMA (Montena S.A) Switzerland, tested in accordance with the international standards in force and conform to the IEC 60064 - Tungsten Filament Lamps for Domestic & similar General Lighting Purposes EN 60432-1-Safety and interchangeability requirement of tungsten filament incandescent lamps for general lighting service and Indian Standard IS 418.

Regular Clear-BC:

Product Standard Packaging
25/40/60W 230V 100
100W 230V 100
200W 230V 50
40/60W 110V 100
100W 110V 100
100W 320V 100
60W 230V(3 PCS. PACK) 120
100W 230V (3 PCS. PACK) 120

Regular Clear - ES

Product Standard Packaging
40/60W 230V 100
100W 230V 100
200W 250V 50
300W 250V 25
500W 250V 20


Product Standard Packaging
25/40/60W 230V 100
100W 230V 100
200W 250V 50

Frost Finish

Product Standard Packaging
100W 230V 100

Product Standard Packaging
40/60W 250V 100
100W 250V 100

Night Lamps
Product Standard Packaging
15W 230V Clear 120
15W 230V Milky 120
15W 230V Coloured 120
15W 230V Frosted 120

Reflector Lamps
Product Standard Packaging
40W 230V Clear 50
40W 230V Coloured 50

Pygmy Lamps
Product Standard Packaging
15W Clear B22 200
15W Clear ES27 200
15W Clear E14 200

Candle Light Lamp
Product Standard Packaging
25W Clear B22 200
25W Clear E14 200
40W Clear E14 200
60W Clear E14 200
25W Frosted B22 200
25W Frosted E14 200
40W Frosted E14 200
60W Frosted E14 200

Round Candle Lamp
Product Standard Packaging
60W Frosted E14 200
60W Frosted E27 200

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