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Mahaveer has a full complement with Philips Luminaries to meet every application and need.

These are designed for optimum use of light, using minimal energy and meeting aesthetic / environmental needs at affordable prices to the end user. Philips luminaries are made as per standard specifications using quality materials. After extensive in-house research products are marketed thereby ensuring high quality standards.
Philips Luminaries cater to a wide range of clientele and are used in domestic, industrial, commercial, decorative, streetlight, floodlights, garden and architectural lighting requirements. For specific commercial / decorative applications Luminaries are available with specially designed down lighters with louvers and cross louvers or glass.

Philips industrial Luminaries are available in regular box type, high bays and well glasses etc covering the entire range of industrial applications. These lights are available in FTL, HPMV, HPSV and MH range of lamps.

Philips outdoor lighting also covers the full range of Street lights, floodlights and Garden/Architectural lightings. These Luminaries are available in FTL, HMPV, HPSV and MH range of lamps.

Philips also has wide range of Energy Saving Luminaries with CFL and T-5 lamps for domestic, commercial / decorative, industrial and outdoor application. These apart Luminaries are also available with Electronic Ballasts.
Another exciting range in the offing is the LED Series which would be available to the domestic consumers
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