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Lamps :
A pleasant working environment stimulates personnel to increase their performance, in terms of both quality and throughput. Good lighting contributes to this area by being a functional facility, with the task of ensuring good visibility in the working environment. Good light makes work safer and less tiring, resulting in fewer accidents, lower fault and reject levels and higher productivity. It also plays an emotional role in determining how people experience and appreciate the environment in which they work. Good lighting pays for itself.
Industrial Lighting :
Industrial lighting makes an important and positive contribution and hence improves productivity. Quality lighting means enough light on the working area, higher uniformity and suitable colour properties. Lighting also should be in such a way that it does not give any glare. Every industry will also have some outdoor area, which needs good lighting. Lighting for typical applications is related to the activity taking place and its size.
Office Lighting :
Office lighting plays a key role in creating a working environment that empowers people to function to the very best of their abilities. Lighting contributes to the principal needs such as performance, comfort, ambience and cost effectiveness. Productivity of the company rests on the capacity of the individual employees to work effectively; therefore offices today are designed to optimize performance. Lighting contributes to the physical comfort of the employees promoting a sense of well-being, safety and alertness. Lighting control is becoming increasingly important to offer flexibility and energy management. In the changing world, energy efficiency and conservation and green lighting concepts are becoming popular and getting adapted faster. Philips has innovated many state-of-the-art products that support energy efficiency and minimize the impact on the environment.
Shop Lighting :
Every shop has a different image to convey and different products to sell. Each aspect of a shop should be carefully designed with its clientele in mind. Shops also carry their own identity. Lighting supports a shop in its identity, shows off the shop's merchandise to its best advantage, serving as a true magnet, drawing customers into the shop and persuading them to buy. Philips Lighting offers many ways to attract customers, inspire them to enter the shop, provide visual comfort and draw them towards the products to buy.
Hotel Lighting :
Starting from the external decorative lighting which stresses the location of the hotel or the catchy signs which grab the attention of a roadside driver, up to the classic lounge all shining or the economic check-in counter, the exclusive international cuisine or the simple fast food in the coffee house. The list expands to the perfect gymnasium, recreational and business facilities, etc., and so does the variety of lighting requirements.
Sports Lighting :
Sports lighting concerns not only large stadiums but also the thousands of local recreation facilities in our communities. It is more than just floodlighting. It is about how we use light to create appropriate environments, both for televised and recreational activity. There are innumerable varieties of sports, viz. summer and winter, indoor and outdoor, day and night, etc.
Portable Lighting :
Searching in an environment without light isn't easy. Moreover, not all places are equipped with proper lighting systems. Flashlights, being battery-operated and portable, offer a great convenience to people to see in the dark anywhere, anytime. Apart from convenience, people buy flashlights for security reasons. Flashlights not only help people see in the dark, but also provide assistance when in an emergency. Flashlights aid in the prevention of accidents and sometimes even save lives during critical conditions.
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